MONO Architects is an architectural bureau that reveals new facets of the minimalism philosophy to the world.
Victoria Oskilko, Anna Kaplonskaya, Alina Krupii, Dmitriy Kozinenko
Andrey Bezuglov

Developing interior design for the B12 business campus at UNIT.City Innovative Park, architects and designers tried to create a simple yet functional workspace.

Since the campus itself was designed according to the standards of the American LEED system (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), the design of the space should also reflect the idea of rational and reasonable use of resources.

Working through the design concept, the bureau specialists combined minimalism and futurism – the space was to become not just modern, but also to go ahead, reflecting the future.

Despite the relatively large area of the object (about 700 m2), only two materials were used in the interior decoration – Laminam porcelain tile and glass. The designers of MONO Architects chose only one material for the cladding, as this made possible to achieve the feeling of a single space, not overloaded with unnecessary details and not distracting from work. Transparent glass walls provide the most natural lighting throughout the whole day.
In case natural light is not enough, the campus is equipped with an unusual lighting system: it is hidden behind a frosted glass ceiling. The brightness is adjusted with a dimmer, so the needed lighting intensity can be chosen depending on the time of day. All glass segments of the ceiling are removable, which simplifies the usage and maintenance of the system.

Landscaping the space came up as another interesting solution. Living trees are planted around the perimeter of the premises, and a green wall is equipped in the lounge area.

Since the main colors of the project are monochrome (various shades of gray) with the addition of red, green spaces add coziness and friendliness to the space, without blurring the general design concept – minimalism, environmental friendliness and freedom.

M1 House

Franco House