MONO Architects is an architectural bureau that reveals new facets of the minimalism philosophy to the world.

Projects Infinity Villa

Viktoria Oskilko, Yan Soya, Olesya Zagvazdina, Dmytro Kozynenko
Kyiv, Ukraine
Andriy Bezuglov

Infinity Villa is a private oasis, separated from the hustle and bustle of the city.

MONO architects took a minimalist approach and removed all layers of excess, getting to the heart of what’s important: stunning views from each room.

Measuring 725 square meters, this one-storey residence keeps in close contact with its natural environment, channelling the energy of the earth. From the entrance of the home to the adjoining rooms, fantastic views abound.

In addition to a full suite of rooms one would expect for a country home, the villa is accented with a home spa, complete with a marble hammam, salt sauna, jacuzzi and space for solitude.

“Return home to a place of Zen.” This was the mantra used when designing Infinity Villa. Inspired by the bounty of pine forest views and natural landscape compositions, this home embodies the beauty of nature.

The U-shaped form of the villa provides owners with ultimate privacy. The house has three interior zones:
– a day area with a kitchen, living room, dining room and access to a terrace with a barbecue area,
– night area with three bedrooms and a games room,
– home spa with hammam, salt sauna and relaxation area with a jacuzzi.

The home comes fully equipped: two-car garage, pantries, laundry room and a second kitchen.

Each room was carefully crafted to provide cosiness, comfort and unity.

Neutral colours dominate throughout the villa. Natural finishing materials were used: stone, glass, veneer wall panels and German parquet board from the brand, Weitzer.

Furniture, plumbing, lighting and decor – all designed by some of the world’s best brands and trusted names in quality.

The spacious kitchen includes a Minotti sofa, marble veneer dining table and Poliform chairs, a Minotti coffee table and Midj bar stools. From the kitchen, there is access to the terrace, where you can spend time with a book on the Varaschin couch or have a barbecue party with friends while dining on the Minotti table.

The master bedroom has a Giorgetti bed, Poliform bench, Minotti side tables, coffee table and Poliform armchair.

All plumbing is by Cea, the decorative lighting designed by Flos and Davide Groppi, the windows in the bedrooms and the living room are complemented by exclusive Dedar textiles. Unique solutions were used for sinks, toilets and washbasins. The kitchen cabinet along with the built-in appliances in the living room, as well as a kitchenette in the spa are Blanc products.

Cabinet furniture throughout the house is custom-made according to the designs of the bureau and made in Ukraine.

The windows in the villa give a feeling of oneness with nature. Posts are used minimally with the goal to provide clear sightlines through the home. Residents have the opportunity to enjoy natural ventilation from the outdoors while still protecting from mosquitoes and other insects.

The retreating wall found in the living room erases the line between the house and nature, and nature becomes a natural extension of the room.

Infinity Villa DSC02890-HDR
Infinity Villa DSC02899-HDR Panorama
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