MONO Architects is an architectural bureau that reveals new facets of the minimalism philosophy to the world.

Projects Shades of grey

Viktoria Oskilko, Marta Melekhina, Agun Yeganyan
MONO Architects

MONO architects interiors, implemented in a big space, radiate a feeling of spaciousness with the unique rhythm of vertical and horizontal planes, the play of light and shadow, and the tactile feelings of natural materials.

Shades of the Grey interior continues the unique style of the bureau – created for a man, this space combines the style of asceticism with high functionality. Influenced by minimalistic philosophy along with futurism, Victoria Oskilko focused on ways of approaching the perfect proportion in space, textured materials and light, more than on developing a set of stylistic stances. But it was not without them entirely.

Shades of Grey has been designed using a natural palette of materials: stone and glass all in black white and grey colours. These bring both warmth and intimacy to living spaces. With the interior walls being mainly grey, the surprise of encountering the only black stone-lined fireplace is both bewildering and intriguing. This change prepares the guest for discovering a hidden kitchen; a place to purely sit and nourish yourself, without distraction.

“All men’s miseries derive from not being able to sit a quiet room alone”, – as Blaise Pascal once said. That is why MONO put a special effort while creating a master bedroom – which happen to be without any detail’s disturbance but single foggy art piece near the table and exercise bike. A glass sliding door leads to a wardrobe and bathroom designed with pure architectural lines – square mirror and perfectly oval bath.

As in the previous projects, MONO put a lot of emphasis on collaboration with designers and brands that are known for unique projects with a balanced and local approach. For bespoke kitchen and wardrobes, designers worked entirely with Ukrainian furniture manufacturers, creating user-oriented storage systems. For upholstery, space is furnished with Vitra cozy armchair and Poliform sofa.

They also took care of the safety by equipping most of the space with anti-mud surfaces. What seems to be highly aesthetic solutions also have vital functions for a modern person.

Shades of grey 1907 hall
Shades of grey 1907 living room_2
Shades of grey 1907 living room
Shades of grey 1907 hall_1
Shades of grey 1907 kitchen_1
Shades of grey 1907 kitchen
Shades of grey 1907 bedroom_2
Shades of grey 1907 bedroom_3
Shades of grey 1907 master bedroom_1
Shades of grey 1907 master bedroom
Shades of grey 1907 master bath
Shades of grey 1907 master bath_2
Shades of grey 1907 bathroom
Shades of grey 1907 bathroom_1
Shades of grey 1907 wardobe
Shades of grey 1907 wardobe_1
Shades of grey 1907_MOSCOW_APTM_2010_6_План_расстановки

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