MONO Architects is an architectural bureau that reveals new facets of the minimalism philosophy to the world.

Projects M1 House

Victoria Oskilko, Anna Kaplonska, Dmytro Kozynenko
Kyiv, Ukraine
MONO Architects

The future belongs to mobile homes, created according to individual consumer needs. The advantages of which are demonstrated by the project of the modular villa M1 House fromMONO Architects. “The trend of acceleration requires ready-made mobile solutions that cut off unnecessary in every sense, and maximum optimization of everything, including space,” says the founder and chief architect of the bureau Victoria Oskilko.

The M1 House concept clearly demonstrates two current trends: speed and reasonable consumption. Modular systems – well-thought-out designs, where every square meter plays a role while helping to achieve the optimal project timeline. Reasonable consumption is emphasized by the style of the interior – minimalism, in which there is nothing superfluous. MONO Architects is the main ambassador of this style, promoting the principle of “less is more” in their projects for over 15 years.

The construction of a modular house itself is divided into several stages: choosing a manufacturer, preparing permits, developing a project, concluding a contract with a manufacturer, preparing a site for construction, transporting modules, assembling, laying and connecting communications, finishing.

A significant advantage of modular houses is the speed of construction of the facility: from the approval of the project to the delivery of the key to the customer – only 4-5 months, including the preparation of the site (smoothing the landscape, supplying communications), and in the case of factory finishing, the implementation period of the house is 2 months. Assembly, installation of structures on site takes only a few hours. Internal work begins immediately after the installation of the structure. It is also possible that the house comes to the site with a fully finished interior and exterior. All that remains to be done is to arrange the furniture.

Another important bonus is mobility. If a decision is made to change the location, you can take your beloved home with you.

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