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Projects Revitalized office

Viktoria Oskilko, Anna Biloivanova, Ivan Artemenko, Oleksiy Haro, Mykola Riabokin, Solomiia Vidishchuk, Vitaliy Nechai, Volodymyr Nalbat, Vladyslav Chernyshov, Yelyzaveta Yanovych
MONO Architects

Our main idea is to combine modern interior and advanced technologies with historical elements of architecture. That’s why we’ve only improved the object’s design, updating the previously proposed solutions in accordance with ergonomics.

An important factor in the implementation of change was the need to divide the flow of people.

The changes also affected the layout of the meeting rooms. In the realities of a modern office, you need to make them more flexible and versatile. That is why we use sound-absorbing sliding partitions to divide the area. If you need to hold an event for a large number of people, the “screen” is folded and one large room.

After analyzing the existing planning, we changed the initial zoning, combining the recreation area with a relaxation area, and got free space for the lounge at the apartment. Now employees who stop in the apartment, get directly into the lounge area, not in the common corridor.

The apartments themselves use calm neutral colors and natural materials, as well as elements of preserved historical bricks.

The interior features are added by the capital walls, columns and arched openings that we have we suggest to leave in their original form. Due to their authenticity, they become art objects in a stylish, restrained, minimalist interior.

Revitalized office 2014_URALCHEM_LOBBY (1)
Revitalized office 2014_URALCHEM_LOBBY (2)
Revitalized office 2014_URALCHEM_STAIRS (2)
Revitalized office 2014_URALCHEM_LOUNGE-CORRIDORS (8)
Revitalized office 2014_URALCHEM_CONFERENCE_1
Revitalized office 2014_URALCHEM_CONFERENCE_2
Revitalized office 2014_URALCHEM_LOUNGE-CORRIDORS (5)
Revitalized office 2011_MeetingRoom_View02+
Revitalized office 2011_MeetingRoom_View05+
Revitalized office 2011_MeetingRoom_View06+
Revitalized office 2011_URALCHEM_room_2.16._1_2
Revitalized office 2011_URALCHEM_room_2.16._2_правки+
Revitalized office 2011_URALCHEM_room_2.16._4+
Revitalized office 2011_URALCHEM_room_2.16._правки
Revitalized office 2014_uralchem_room_00
Revitalized office 2014_uralchem_room_01
Revitalized office 2014_uralchem_room_03
Revitalized office 2014_uralchem_room_04
Revitalized office 2014_uralchem_room_10
Revitalized office 2014_uralchem_room_11

Revitalized office


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